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To help promote and preserve health as an indispensable condition for each individual to enjoy the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being that allows him/her to fully develop his/her individual and social faculties as a child of a living God.


Our emphasis is on prevention. Committed to maintaining the quality of life, cementing our values in respect and responsibility with sensitivity towards life and human integrity.


Principles of faith, human ethics and science guide and inspire us to find creative and innovative ways to educate, care for, and strengthen the physical, mental and emotional well-being of our clients, with humility and hard work, responding to our mission as children of God.


The Bible tells us in Jeremiah 29:13:

“Cuando Dios coloca un sueño en tu corazón es porque ya diseñó un plan para cumplirlo”.

Today I present to you, with great emotion, the great dream that God placed in my heart 5 years ago.

Any journey of transformation on which one has embarked is a personal journey. A pilgrimage of self-reflection and healing. 


What journey am I talking about? My pilgrimage in changing my eating habits and those of my family through the GAPS Protocol.

The Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) protocol is based on the work of Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, who originally designed the diet as a gut healing protocol for patients who have mental health issues (autism, ADHD, depression, etc.). Since then, the program has been used to heal a wide range of conditions that begin in the gut, from food sensitivities and asthma to skin conditions, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, attention problems and autism

Adhering to the GAPS diet is more than a temporary solution, it is a comprehensive lifestyle change and that means there is little room for foods outside of the diet. 

Remember: it is about total and systemic healingand that takes time. There are no quick fixes or shortcuts to shorten the path. 



Many of the foods require preparation techniques and although these techniques do not require much time or skill, do require planning: fermentation, preparation of broth, soaking of seeds and legumes (allowed in the complete GAPS diet, but not in the introduction). 

Therefore, if you are tired of endless doctor visits and specialist consultations and if you need help preparing to make a natural change, the programs described here will be invaluable to you. Each program is created from my academic research, personal experience, daily reading, weekly testimonies and my strong faith, asking for discernment and wisdom to be guided by the Holy Spirit.

If you are reading this, it is because God wants your healing and the well-being of your family. 

I know, in my heart, that this project will change your life as it has already changed the lives of more than 2050 people. 


I am excited to bring a new chapter to your life with a healthier body, a clearer mind and a more joyful and engaged spirit. 

Let the new adventure begin! 


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Why choose our services?

My team is highly trained to provide you with the quality of service you need. They are people willing to listen to you, guide you and help you with much love and patience, to prepare you to start this wonderful journey that will lead you to improve your health and your life.

My knowledge in Psychology, Pedagogy, and Theology, have led me to prove what it means to break schemes to achieve wellness, reconstructing the concept of health as an integrity that involves physical, mental and emotional development. I cultivate my spirituality daily, through my catholic faith, and I share this knowledge with my work team.

We are a team of people in love with LIFE. Our methodology is based on understanding, in a direct and firm way. We have the total conviction that your life can be transformed by working with discipline and constancy. You will learn to create healthy habits, your body will begin to show progressive changes and you will heal from physical, mental and emotional ailments.

Our accompaniment is integral, we effectively combine science and spirituality to motivate you to learn new life habits, making changes in your diet, managing your emotions and strengthening your faith to make deep transformations.

My professional background allows me to have a deep understanding of how human behavior works. I have built an agile, comprehensive and direct methodology to guide you to develop a new perspective of your life situation and incorporate lasting and integral changes.

Prayer is a necessary tool to carry out this process of transformation. Meditation on the Word is immersed in each of our activities, to strengthen our spirit, give meaning to our life and continue in the search for the transcendent.

“Que tu alimento sea tu medicina y tu medicina sea tu alimento”


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